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    MyDMO Overs & Waste Policy

    MyDMO Overs & Waste Policy


    As of August 1st 2022 unless advised otherwise in writing all job overs will be tagged to be prepared for recycling at the completion of processing.

    Overs identified to be collected will be placed at the main door ready for collection for 48 hours. Failure to collect overs within the 48 hour period will result in the overs being recycled.

    MyDMO will not be held liable for any loss or damages that may be incurred associated with the removal and destruction of excess stock.

    Delivery & Waste

    All magazines to be supplied facing the same way (spines & front covers) in large bundles – minimum 30-40 ideally. The preferred method of magazine stock delivery is loose in an Australia Post ULD. (Steel Cage) or unboxed on a clean reusable skid or pallet.

    The use of excess plastic, cartons, slip sheets, skids, pallets etc. used to secure a shipment may result in the job not being accepted on the day of delivery or additional charges associated with the removal of the waste.