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    DMO has been wrapping mail in plastic for years. In fact, you’ve probably received magazines wrapped by us in your letterbox at some point!

    Like most organisations, we started out with a single small machine and have since grown a great deal, meeting the needs of our clients each step of the way.

    One such need has been the demand for sustainability. Many people have come to us asking if we can supply a degradable plastic wrap for their magazines and as a result we are excited to announce that the majority of our plastic is now completely degradable!

    What is ‘degradable’ plastic?

    All plastic breaks down eventually but if not recycled, modern plastics can last in the open environment for hundreds of years. By adding a low-cost and harmless additive our OXO-biodegradable plastic wrap degrades in a matter of months, whether it is in sunlight or darkness, heat or cold, on land or in the sea.

    How it works

    It’s simple.

    During the manufacturing process, a small amount of additive is added to the plastic. This acts as a catalyst for the breaking of the molecular bonds and over time, the plastic loses its strength. Special stabilisers help slow this process down so the plastic has the desired effect – to last long enough to get your magazine through the mail –if it’s not recycled after this (and assumed to be lost in the open environment) it will start degrading to water, carbon dioxide and biomass. Bio-organisms then complete the bio-degradation process.

    OXO-BIO plastic can be tested according to:

    • American Standard ASTM D6954-04 “Standard Guide for Plastics that Degrade in the Environment by a combination of Oxidation and Biodegradation”
    • British Standard 8472
    • Swedish Standard SPCR 141
    • UAE Standard 5009:2009


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