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    DMO Terms & Conditions

    DMO Terms & Conditions

    Please note that all quotes are valid for 7 days and are issued in conjunction with our Terms and Conditions. Acceptance of our quote is acceptance of the below Terms and Conditions.

      1. General
        • Regular weekday work hours only; weekends and after hours work generally attracts a minimum 20% surcharge.
        • A confirmed booking date on acceptance of quote – alterations to job booking dates may incur extra charges.
        • Sighting of files including artwork and data files. Extra charges may apply if technical difficulties arise due to original file formatting. Data must be well-presented in a single file, remain unfiltered and be sorted so that domestic records and international records are separate.
        • Quoted prices do not include any postage charges or GST unless otherwise indicated.
        • All quotes are issued in conjunction with our Terms and Conditions. Acceptance of our quote is acceptance of our Terms and Conditions.
      2. Stock:
        • All customer-supplied job components meeting our machine specifications and stock tolerances.
        • All job components arriving to us 5 working days prior to your job booking date unless pre-arranged. Same-day turnaround is generally not offered; though can be arranged at minimum 35% surcharge and with reasonable advance notice.
        • All magazines to be supplied facing the same way (spines & front covers) in large bundles – minimum 30-40 ideally.
        • Clients arranging collection of all overs once mailing has been completed; any overs not collected after 7 days will be recycled.
      3. Proofing:
        • Please ensure you carefully check and compare the supplied proofs against your original database and artwork and confirm everything is correct and has been included where necessary.
        • DMO accepts no responsibility for incorrect artwork or data once you have approved the supplied proofs.
        • Please indicate via return email any alterations required or your approval to proceed at your earliest convenience.
        • Any original author’s corrections may incur additional charges.
      4. Payment Terms:
        • Minimum invoice amount $300 + GST.
        • All print and mail must be paid for in advance prior to any work commencing unless on account.
        • All account holders have 14 days to pay unless on a negotiated contract.
        • Any mailing with a postage component greater than the processing component must be paid for in full prior to work commencing.
        • If we are using your Australia Post account, ensure adequate funds are available; mail that must be re-lodged due to insufficient account credit will be charged as an additional lodgement.
        • Payment by credit card attracts a small surcharge in line with current banking surcharges – approx. 1.8% (as at Nov 2023).
      5. Postage
        • If we are using your Australia Post account, ensure adequate funds are available; mail that must be re-lodged due to insufficient account credit will incur an additional lodgement fee.
        • While all care is taken to ensure best possible postage rates are obtained, DMO is not responsible for postage costs and will not pay/refund any monies based on postage.
      6. Limitation of Liability:
        • Our liability is strictly limited to the total dollar amount specified in the quoted estimate or invoice provided to the customer. We shall not be held responsible for any claims, losses, or damages exceeding this agreed-upon amount.
        • We do not accept responsibility for dissatisfaction or disagreement with any aspect of our work, and we are not obligated to refund or reimburse any amount beyond the agreed-upon quote/invoice, irrespective of the customer’s perception of the quality or appropriateness of the delivered services.
        • In no event shall we be liable for any consequential, indirect, or incidental damages arising out of or in connection with our services. This includes, but is not limited to, loss of profits, business interruption, or any other financial loss incurred by the customer, regardless of whether such damages were foreseeable or not.

    A note about email correspondence:
    All emails sent by DMO, (including any other information transmitted with or attached to any email), are intended only for the addressee(s) or such other persons notified by DMO to the addressee(s). Emails sent by DMO should not be copied, changed or communicated to an unauthorised recipient without the express written consent of DMO. All emails sent by DMO are considered confidential, subject to copyright, and may be subject to legal or other professional privilege. None of these rights, or any other rights, are waived if you receive any email from DMO in error or without our permission. All emails, or elements of all emails, may have been sent, intercepted, or modified in transit, in error or without our permission, and may contain viruses or other information that we did not intend you to receive. We accept no liability for loss or damage resulting from the receipt or use of this information by you or third parties. If you have received any email in error, any use (including discussions of its contents), reproduction, transmission or communication of any or all information is strictly prohibited and we request that you immediately notify us and delete such an email, and all copies of it, within your control.